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Regulatory bodies aim to assist financial entities in preparing for and reducing risks. The Basel Accord principles were established for this purpose. At BACT Centre, our training courses delve into these principles, offering insights into their creation and significance. Click the link below to view our courses on the principles of the Basel Accord.

Basel Accord Standards

Following the Basel Accord Standards fosters trust among regulators, investors, business owners, and the public. While not covering all financial risk concerns, these principles establish a compliance framework to oversee corporate managers and prevent recklessness. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) created them to outline standards for systematic risk management and regulatory compliance.

Sustainability & New Technology

At BACT Centre, we possess extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of sustainability and modern technology, despite the fact that the Basel Accord principles do not explicitly cover these areas. Our team is capable of delivering effective and relevant solutions to organisations and countries of all sizes and locations, incorporating the latest technological advancements and sustainable practices. Our broad understanding of these topics enables us to offer valuable advice and guidance to successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology and sustainability in the financial sector.

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