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Financial Reports

Financial Reports


The concept of finance and financial capital encompasses a wide range of interpretations, often tailored to suit the understanding of the target audience. Accountants play a significant role in defining and ascribing meanings to these terms for the preparation of management and financial reports. Financial capital can take various forms, including initial funding for businesses (seed money), equity capital through share purchases, accumulated net position from operations, specialised investments, credit lines, and debt capital. It represents the wealth of an entity as presented in financial reports. Ensuring the integrity of financial data is considered a minimum and non-negotiable compliance requirement. We provide training to individuals, enabling them to comprehend and reconcile financial capital with regulatory capital.

Financial Capital Models

Financial capital models are principles and approaches used to derive financial reports, and are based on recommendations of generally accepted accounting methodologies, and these differs from Basel Accord Proposals. Financial capital models are used to assess the capital requirements imposed by the Basel Accord standards. These models are used to calculate the minimum amount of capital a financial institution must maintain in order to meet the risk-based capital adequacy requirements of the Basel Accord. They take into account a variety of factors such as the types of financial instruments held by the institution, the risk profile of the institution, and the institution's risk management practices. Financial capital models are essential for ensuring that institutions maintain sufficient capital to meet their obligations and protect their customers.

Cash flow statement reflects liquidity position

Performance statement is for a defined period, mostly a year

Position Statement allows for valuation and exposure to risk

Assets and Liabilities statement helps with stress sensitivity.

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