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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Organisations adopt various levels and approaches to manage their life cycle operations, considering factors such as costs and benefits analysis, regulatory requirements, stakeholder preferences, process complexity, specialisation levels, and industry type. Typically, specialised processes within organisations are divided into three main areas: Front Office, Middle Office, and Back Office. Additionally, entities may be specifically created to focus on Front Office, Middle Office, or Back Office functions, depending on their strategic objectives and operational requirements.

Management Control

Operations life cycle involves various specialised functions responsible for processing, managing, and reporting. These functions are designed to focus on efficient delivery and accurate reporting. However, the use of specific IT solutions with unique data characteristics to meet defined requirements can inadvertently lead to data divergence and duplication. At BACT Centre, we provide Basel Accord training not only on the principles but also on strategies to enhance operational processes for organisations and individuals. As part of our implementation proposition, we offer strategy review, analysis, and recommendations in the following areas:

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