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Vincent Santeng advises caution when applying the principles of the Basel Accord. Factors such as a country's economic development, perceived financial market risks, product complexity, and risk appetite of all participants, including regulators, must be carefully considered. Practitioners should take these elements into account when implementing Basel Accord standards.

We offer comprehensive programs for implementing Basel Accord standards, including strategy review, project management, and IT solutions. We provide support and training to ensure a successful implementation process for countries, regulators, and entities.

Meeting the requirements for compliance, strategy, and internal risk management models is the minimum expectation of stakeholders. Our proposal is founded not only on principles but also on practical applications.

Our services include a wide range of approaches, such as collaborating with regulators to determine the scope of firm compliance. We are dedicated to working with any regulator seeking to enhance their compliance process and reporting standards.

Business challenges and process requirements influence an organization's structure, management, and compliance. Our team is ready to help any nation or organization achieve its goals. However, it's crucial to remember that an effective business plan is just the beginning.

The first step towards making ideas a reality is transforming them into tangible documents. BACT offers assistance with planning, resource allocation, and implementation strategies for successful project management.

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