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AT BACT Centre, we have many specialised courses and training. We have adopted training sections subject to availability of time. An organisation or group (minimum of 15 individuals) could select a course for training if required course is not listed as under available for current training program. Once a course is selected for training we would provide hosting options for selection. BACT Centre hosting options are: 1) In-Person hosting organised by BACT Centre in London, 2) In-Person hosting organised by an organisation or group seeking training, 3) Training is organised and delivered online by BACT Centre, and 4) Remote learning within agreed specified time online.


BACT Centre's 5-day training program offers a comprehensive understanding of Basel Accord Standards and their practical application. Our expert instructors guide you through the program, covering principles, risk management, and real-world scenarios to facilitate seamless integration into your organisation. Enroll in our BACT training program to meet Basel Accord Standards, featuring lectures, workshops, and case studies addressing topics like capital adequacy and risk management. Our experienced instructors ensure practical comprehension, equipping you for compliance and successful implementation. Join our training on Basel Accord Standards for in-depth insights into banking regulations and their essential components. Customised for participants, it encompasses international regulations, risk management, and capital adequacy. Interactive sessions delve into Basel's impact on banking through real-life case studies.


The training courses on Basel Accord Standards is designed for a wide range of financial professionals and stakeholders, including:

  • Banking Executives: Senior management and decision-makers aiming to comprehend historical context, regulatory reforms, and Basel Accord implications.

  • Risk Managers: Professionals responsible for risk assessment and management, seeking alignment with Basel regulations.

  • Compliance Officers: Individuals ensuring regulatory adherence in banks, deepening understanding of Basel Accord requirements.

  • Financial Regulators: Officials needing comprehensive Basel Accord knowledge for effective banking supervision.

  • Finance Professionals: Accountants, analysts, and consultants wanting to understand Basel's impact on reporting and decision-making.

  • Consultants and Advisors: Providing informed recommendations on Basel compliance and risk management.

  • Legal Professionals: Lawyers specialising in financial law, understanding legal implications of Basel regulations.

  • Academics and Researchers: Scholars exploring finance and economics, delving into banking regulations.

  • Auditors: Professionals aligning auditing practices with Basel standards for financial institutions.

  • Banking Regulation Enthusiasts: Individuals interested in the regulatory framework for global banking stability.

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