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Setting Regulatory and Compliance Regime

  • Starts 22 Jul
  • 3,000 British pounds
  • Training to be held in Accra - Ghana

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Day 1 - Introduction and Pre-Basel Accord Considerations • Historical context of banking system failures • Factors leading to the need for regulatory reforms • Overview of the pre-Basel Accord era and its limitations • Key lessons learned from early banking failures • Introduction to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) • Importance of standardizing banking regulations globally Day 2 - Basel Accord 1 and Basel 1.5 (Amendment to Basel 1) • Detailed analysis of Basel Accord 1 (Basel I) • Understanding the shortcomings addressed by Basel I • Basel 1.5 and its amendments to address limitations • Capital adequacy ratios under Basel I and Basel 1.5 • Benefits and criticisms of Basel I and its amendments • Case studies illustrating the impact of Basel I and 1.5 on banking stability Day 3 - Basel 2 and Basel 2.5 (Amendment to Basel 2) • Comprehensive overview of Basel Accord 2 (Basel II) • Three-pillar framework: Minimum Capital Requirement, Supervisory Review, Market Discipline • Addressing risk management failures through Basel II • Basel 2.5 amendments and their significance • Introduction to operational risk and its treatment under Basel II • Case studies showcasing the effectiveness of Basel II and its amendments Day 4 - Basel 3 and Its Components • Understanding the need for further regulatory enhancements (Basel III) • Key components of Basel III: Capital, Liquidity, Leverage Ratios • Addressing systemic risk and "Too Big to Fail" through Basel III • Overview of Countercyclical Capital Buffer and its role • Liquidity coverage ratio and its importance for banking stability • Exploring the leverage ratio and its impact on capital adequacy Day 5 - Future Implications and Application • Evaluating the successes and limitations of Basel Accord Standards • The evolving role of BCBS and global regulatory cooperation • Future trends in banking regulations beyond Basel III • Assessing the challenges of implementing and monitoring standards • Case studies showcasing the impact of Basel III on banking resilience • Final assessment and certification ceremony

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Ability House Ability House, 121 Brooker Road, Waltham Abbey, UK

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